From Sponges to Screenagers

From Sponges to Screenagers

Whether your child is 4, 10 or 18, learning foreign languages is always a strategic investment for the future!


Age Group
DescriptionCEFR level
Sunđeri (4 - 8 godina)When they soak up information like spongesElementary, A1
Tweenagers (8 - 12 godina)Between a child and a teenagerA2, B1
Teenagers (12 - 16 godina)When puberty is at its peakB1+, B2
Screenagers (16 - 20 godina)When most of their communication is carried out via screensC1, C2




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Word World was established in 2009 with a desire to present the culture of learning foreign languages as an integral, inevitable part of life.


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