WIN-WIN combination

We have designed a special deal offering you the possibility to have your child learn 2 languages on significantly better terms. The underlying principle is that an increase in activities leads to a decrease in cost. To be more specific, your child can learn 2 languages, attending 2 classes 2 times a week for just 72 euro a month.

The idea behind our Win-Win package is to truly meet our students’ needs, taking into consideration the fast pace of modern life. New generations are thus taught to use their time efficiently, choosing the best for themselves. In this way, they get the chance to learn 2 languages simultaneously and gain self-confidence, while leaving enough free time for other activities.

In addition to family discount and discount on learning a second language in our school, students can ‘earn’ another kind of discount amounting to up to 50% off their monthly instalment if they take part in our project “Let’s tell stories” intended for our youngest students.

In this way we motivate our students to be even better - because it pays off to be the best!

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Word World was established in 2009 with a desire to present the culture of learning foreign languages as an integral, inevitable part of life.


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