Taking into consideration the weekly timetable of a typical school child, in which you need to combine sports, music school, foreign languages and more often than not another hobby as well, we have opted for 2 classes once a week. This approach is sustainable because 90 minutes is the right amount of time needed for revision, introducing new material, integrating it with the old  ... and practising the language needed for real-life situations. The child has enough time for other activities, it feels supported and is more likely to joyfully devote its time to learning languages, not only in classes, but also independently, throughout the school year. Courses are held not only on weekdays, but also on Saturdays


Our youngest students, “Sponges” are divided into 2 groups – age 4-6 and age 6-8. The dynamics of learning is slightly different for them – it is fully adjusted to their age, which is 45 minutes twice a week. This programme is available for learning English and German.


English has already become a global language. Enable your child to become a real polyglot by giving him/her a head start in learning another world language. Beside English, we offer:

  • German (the language of the fastest growing European economy) from age 4
  • French (the language of diplomacy) from grade 4
  • Russian (the language of the biggest country in the world once used by the great Dostoevsky) from grade 4
Age group  (roughly)Programme ( Cambridge University Press )CEFR level
Sponges (4-6)SafariElementary
Sponges (6-8)Superminds 1/2A1
Tweenagers ( 8-10)Superminds 3/4A2
Tweenagers (10-12)  KETB1
Teenagers (12-14)PETB1+
Teenagers (14-16)FCE*B2
Screenagers (16-18)CAE*C1
Screenagers (18-20)CPE*C2


Check our special offer for learning two languages at our school.


The course price for all languages and levels is the same and for one language it is 360 euro per year.

The price for learning two languages simultaneously is 648 euro per year.

*Course books are not included in this price and their rough price is 20 to 30 euro per year for any given course.


It is possible to pay in 9 monthly instalments, which is 40 euro a month for one language and 72 euro for two languages, calculated according to the official middle exchange rate of the euro determined by the NBS on the day of the payment.


We also offer the possibility of having individual classes in our school. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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