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Meet the Teachers in Word World Language School

Our teachers are wonderful people who love their job. Talented, motivated and polyglots themselves, they create future generations of young people who are always ready to learn, wherever the opportunity presents itself and from anyone who is there to teach them something.

They put the wind in your sails by helping you learn, understand, conceive ideas, connect things, make mistakes, then correct them and go on, and in doing all this they help you get better on a daily basis. For our students, learning is a path of ever-growing self-confidence and ever-increasing awareness that foreign languages enable us to get to know other people and countries, to study, work, love and so much more.

There is no universal method in learning foreign languages. Studying and applying many different methods, we have understood that used in isolation, every method starts showing its flaws at some point. The conclusion we, teachers at Word World have come to is this: All methods are good! All you need to do is combine them carefully and consciously at any given moment. No matter how innovative a method is, it is simply impossible to learn a language in 20 days.

Our goal is to bring home the understanding that learning foreign languages is a creative and never-ending process. It’s like building and furnishing a house. There will always be something left to work on, to decorate and to add. On the other hand, whenever a student reaches the next level, this is a cause of great joy for both the student and the teacher.

There is nothing that leaves a stronger impression on a student than a teacher who knows exactly what she/he is doing and why she/he is doing it, a teacher who is always focused and present in the moment, who is there with those very students in that very lesson.

What we learn becomes part of what we are, which is why we always try to have our students learn only the best things!

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