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Word World was established in 2009 with a desire to present the culture of learning foreign languages as an integral, inevitable part of life. Our school is located in Belgrade, in a part of Banovo Brdo bordering Košutnjak.

Paying attention to every detail in the learning process, we make it our task to foster meaningfulness and joy in everything we do. Aristotle phrased it beautifully for us in saying: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


If we can convert a thought into words in different languages, we can also think in different ways. This helps us understand the world around us and become better people.


Chemists tend to say: everything is chemistry! Historians claim that history is the teacher of life! And we say: everything is language – whether we are listening to the news or to our favourite song, telling a fairy tale or a joke, reading a manual or a play, writing a verse or a text message, talking to friends or to ourselves, we are always using language!


Welcome to one of the most captivating spaces in Belgrade, tucked away in the fresh air and peace of Košutnjak!

Welcome to Word World language school!

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Svet reči je osnovan 2009. godine sa željom da kulturu učenja stranih jezika predstavi kao sastavni i neophodni deo života.


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